NanoSUN is a world leading, award-winning, engineering company focused on the development, manufacture and commercialisation of its hydrogen refuelling solutions for customers in the Oil & Gas, Industrial Gases and Transport sectors. Specialising in hydrogen technology, their highly experienced industry experts develop and supply mobile hydrogen refuelling stations using NanoSUN’s novel cascade method to refuel multiple hydrogen powered applications; delivering high pressure, mobile and cost-effective hydrogen storage, distribution and dispensing solutions for a wide range of vehicles, such as hydrogen trucks, hydrogen buses and hydrogen vans.

Orbital Fabrications was selected to weld the high pressure pipework manifolds for the various gas control systems, then assemble the complete gas control panels to safely contain and manage the high pressure hydrogen gas at each stage of the hydrogen delivery process, within the NanoSUN cascade system. Every aspect of the assembly and fabrication is documented to ensure full traceability. Both orbital and manual TIG welding techniques are utilised to BS EN ISO standards. Given the nature of hydrogen and its innate ability to find the smallest of leak paths coupled with its highly combustible nature, welded joints where at all possible offer the highest level of leak integrity for containment and safety.

Given the application, the properties of hydrogen and the higher working pressures of the gas control systems, full system test and validation is vital.

Along with radiography of the welded joints, the manifolds and control systems were pressure tested beyond the normal working pressures to ensure trouble free service and long life in the field.

Hydrogen as a fuel source will touch all our lives in the years to come. Orbital Fabrications are proud to be working in this exciting industry now, assisting with such innovative and market leading solutions as the NanoSUN Pioneer system.

The Orbital Advantage 
• High pressure welded manifolds to BS EN ISO 9606-1 2017 standards
• Gas system assembly within ISO class cleanrooms to eliminate contamination
• High pressure testing to 1000+ bar available to test beyond normal working pressures
• Full documentation and material certification provided