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Orbital Fabrications specialises in the design and build of instrumentation cabinets and panels.

These include; point of use gas panels, change-over panels, skid assemblies, specialised pipework assemblies and electro-mechanical control units. We also design and build high-quality vacuum and exhaust systems.

Our design expertise and our attention to quality ensure that we supply you with panels and cabinets which contain the highest specification regulators and valves. All components are mounted on a brushed stainless steel panel, manufactured and tested in our workshop. We can supply you with standard panels and cabinets or we can design them specifically to meet your needs and budget.

Our integrated approach delivers high performance manufacturing and
installation solutions for our clients

We undertake work strictly to your design and specification.

  • This could be totally welded systems, or systems utilising compression fittings.
  • We manufacture panels to ultra-high purity within our cleanroom environment, but can also provide panels to an instrumentation standard.
  • We have dedicated assembly cell capacity areas for mechanical and electrical builds.
  • We are an industry specialist in the fabrication and assembly of high purity gas delivery systems and can present favourable cost advantages by offering in-house added value service.

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