Pharmaceutical manufacturing has extremely precise requirements and manufacturing guidelines in terms of quality and control. It is essential that all pharmaceutical manufacturing technology complies with the required relevant legal, quality, and safety standards. The industry is under constant pressure to increase efficiency, reduce costs and maintain quality, all of which will lead to the faster production of much needed drugs. To achieve this there is a constant requirement for pharmaceutical companies to invest in smarter manufacturing processes.

Product integrity is crucial in this industry and for a product to maintain the same characteristics in every production batch, the highest sanitation standards must be adhered to each time. It is crucial that measuring and controlling the flow of liquids and gases is closely monitored throughout.

Gas and fluid handling systems are used to direct, measure and maintain the flow of gas or fluids in a plant. All components of the system must be able to withstand high pressures and must be durable ensuring safety is paramount.

Orbital Fabrications is a leading designer, producer and installer of gas and fluid handling equipment and systems for the pharmaceutical industry amongst others, semiconductor, biopharma, medical, laboratory, chemical and allied industries.

Working at your premises we can perform specialist pipework installations either as an Orbitally welded system or as a mechanical installation employing compression fittings such as the Swagelok twin ferrule system. We offer a full installation service from the commissioning of our systems to a complete turnkey solution. Our on-site engineers are extensively trained and report to our site managers who oversee each project. Where possible, we will provide a fully equipped portable workshop and material store whilst on site which helps maintain the highest standards, causing minimum disruption and inconvenience.

Our highly skilled installation team has extensive experience with installations in the general range of ¼” (6mm) to 4″ (100mm) tubing in standard high purity, ultra-high purity and electro-polished finishes. We are also familiar with dual containment systems suitable for toxic, flammable, and pyrophoric gases. Once installation is complete, we can provide a full documentation package containing certified material traceability, leak and pressure test certificates, welder qualifications and weld map drawings, so you can be assured that all work carried out by us is of a remarkably high standard.