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Why choose Orbital Fabrications as your Semiconductor Manufacturing partner?

High Purity Welding is critical within the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor manufacturing involves the use of stainless steel process lines in the transportation of gases which, if leaked, can potentially be life threatening due to the toxic, corrosive, pyrophoric and flammable nature of the gases.

Due to the potential dangers, it is imperative that the welding of the tubes and components boast high integrity and reliability. Where dangerous process gases are involved, the weld must pass various safety testing procedures.

Our expertise in High Purity Welding for Semiconductor Manufacturing

The transferred gases must pass through without accumulating particulates, moisture, or other contaminants. For processes within the semiconductor industry, the inner weld must be incredibly clean and fully penetrated to prevent any particulate entrapment areas and ensure the quality of the gases passing through are not compromised.

Orbital Fabrications is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of high purity gas and fluid handling equipment & systems for the semiconductor industry.

    We work with 316 stainless steel and high nickel content alloys as per industry requirements and we apply thorough cleaning and testing procedures to ensure compliance first time.

    On-site Semiconductor Manufacturing Installation Services

    Orbital Fabrications provides an on-site installation service which covers specialist pipework systems either as a welded system or as a mechanical installation. Our CHAS Elite accredited teams specialise in the on-site installation of stainless-steel high purity pipework. Our highly skilled engineers can install process gas systems on site, alongside any mounting and support infrastructure that may be required. Additionally, we can provide a qualification weld at the start of each on-site shift, or when a change in size or material is made.

    Orbital welding delivers safe handling for Semiconductor Manufacturing

    Orbital welding, an autogenous TIG GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) process, ensures a controlled and repeatable, fully penetrated weld, providing a clean secure joint that’s immune to vibration and ambient thermal changes.

    NDT weld validation such as dye penetrant testing and radiography are also available.




    System leak testing is provided

    Once your system is manufactured or installed, the validation process includes a full system leak test.  Helium mass spectrometers provide extremely sensitive leak detection rates, down to ppm levels.

    Orbital Fabrications also validates your entire system above the normal operating pressure ensuring it is fully certified and safe for use.







    Semiconductor Welding

    Full certification for Semiconductor Manufacturing 

    Upon completion, we can provide various types of supporting documentation including leak test certificates, certificates of conformity, radiography certification, 3.1 material certification, weld maps and weld logs.

    Our experience in semiconductor manufacturing and installation ensures that we completely understand the documentation requirements to support and validate your semiconductor systems.

    Our integrated approach delivers high performance manufacturing and installation solutions for our clients

    Our Services


    Our engineering know-how and advanced manufacturing capabilities allows us to meet the ever changing demands of the sectors we supply. Whether it’s a full turnkey project solution or a one-off fabrication Orbital can assist.


    We are experts in the installation of gas and fluid handling systems. Orbital offers a comprehensive service from specification to design, manufacture and build, complete with test certificates and full documentation.

    Need some advice on a new project? Orbital is here to help.

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