Orbital Fabrications is proud to be able to assist in the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries with their high purity engineering services, this has of course become particularly important to us recently, considering the spread of Covid-19 globally.

Scientists worked tirelessly over the course of 2020, to develop a vaccination method capable of keeping people safe from this virus, which is thankfully now available in the UK for the most vulnerable of the population.

Orbital Fabrications was able to lend a helping hand by manufacturing a 316L Stainless Steel Vessel for use within Pharmaceutical laboratories developing the vaccine as seen on BBC News.

What is The Vessel Used For?

The Vessel has been manufactured for use within the Pharmaceutical industry and has been designed for ‘Containment Powder Transfer’. This is a method commonly used when a factory has produced a powder product, which will then go on to be used within some type of medication, either in tablet or for injection form.

This powder is usually extremely valuable and needs to be transferred through various processes without the risk of any contamination or loss of volume.

Why Use the Orbital Vessel?

Orbital Fabrications manufactures these vessels to a very high standard in order to meet Pharmaceutical Specifications.

The vessel is hand welded, polished and sterilised before delivery to the client and arrives complete with a documentation package which includes traceability, weld procedure specification and welder qualifications.

Below is a photograph of the Orbital Vessel being used within a factory to transfer powder.