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Orbital Fabrications can fabricate spool assemblies to be delivered to sites for final installation. Utilising our extensive experience in TIG welding of stainless steel and high nickel content alloys, our teams can fabricate complex pipe spools up to 6 metres long, up to 4” in diameter (along with metric equivalents), and wall thicknesses of 0.098” (2.5mm).

Orbital Fabrications has a wide range of fittings and components in stock. To support this, we also have a comprehensive in-house machine shop with a full compliment of CNC lathes and mills. This enables us to fabricate our own fittings and flanges as well as modify components when required. This in-house capability ensures that we can react quickly to customer requirements.

All welding (orbital welding or manual TIG) is undertaken with an argon purge on the internal bore to ensure that no oxidation occurs internally during the weld process. Once the assembly is complete the welds are cleaned externally using TIG brushes, leaving a clean finish. Click this link to view a video which gives a quick demonstration of this.

Our integrated approach delivers high performance manufacturing and
installation solutions for our clients

Once complete the spools are individually leak tested.  Depending on the customer requirements, this can range from a simple pressure drop test through to using a helium mass spectrometer for applications where the spools are destined to carry hazardous gases or liquids.

For mission critical applications NDT testing can be applied; dye penetrant and radiography are both commonly utilised.  The final spools are provided fully tested and certified including 3.1 material certification where required.

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