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Since the company was formed in 1988, we have always had more to offer than just welding. We have used manual lathe and milling equipment to complement our welding services.

Having this additional discipline under the same roof as the welding allows us to control both the quality and delivery of components pre-welding.
Our machine shop, with a floor area of over 2800 square feet, is manned by highly trained staff with many years of experience developed in a number of different industries.

Our integrated approach delivers high performance manufacturing and
installation solutions for our clients

Our skilled installation teams are available to meet your requirements, however stringent.

They have extensive experience with installations in the general range of ¼” (6mm) to 4″ (100mm) tubing in standard high purity, ultra high purity and electro-polished finishes to our own, as well as your designs. As well as this, they are also familiar with dual containment systems suitable for toxic, flammable and pyrophoric gases.

Once installation is complete, we will provide a full documentation package containing leak and pressure test certificates, material certificates, welder qualifications and weld map drawings, so you can be assured that all work carried out by us is of a remarkably high standard.

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