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Since the company was formed in 1988, we have always had more to offer than just welding. We have used both automatic and manual lathe and milling equipment to complement our welding services

Having this additional discipline under the same roof as the welding allows us to control both the quality and delivery of components pre-welding.

Our machine shop, with a floor area of over 2800 square feet, is manned by highly trained staff with many years of experience developed in a number of different industries.

Our integrated approach delivers high performance manufacturing and
installation solutions for our clients

Our CNC Machining Services offer consistency, quality, and efficiency.


CNC milling can be used to machine parts from a variety of materials, such as Stainless Steel, Inconel, Hastelloy & Duplex. The accuracy of the CNC machine ensures consistent product quality. The process is more precise than manual machining and can perform a complex series of actions leading to increased efficiency.

We are committed to continuous investment in specialist equipment and innovative machinery that enables us to manufacture high quality modules and complete system builds using stainless steel and high nickel alloys for one off fabrication, prototyping, and batch work through to continuous manufacturing volume production.

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