Never before has there been so much interest in Hydrogen as a future alternative energy source due to its reliability and renewable properties. The conference, run by the Climate Change Solutions, will look at both the Hydrogen Economy and the range of applications for Fuel Cells.

Sessions will focus on the Production, Distribution and Use of Hydrogen. Market demand for hydrogen will cover Transport Applications, as well as Remote and Stationary Power. The conference is guaranteed to be a key date in the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell calendar, with key speakers from the public and private sectors.

The Time Really Is Now 

The team from Orbital Fabrications will be there to discuss our in-house skills and expertise from the manufacture of high pressure hydrogen control systems and associated pipework, through to complete skid systems. We offer full turn-key solutions, assisting with design and providing full documentation packages with traceability on materials, weld maps and full certification.

For more information on our services or to pre-book a meeting contact our Sales & Marketing Manager, David Richards on 01480 464 066 or email