Thank you for visiting Orbital Fabrications at the Hydrogen & Fuel Cells – Fuelling the Future Now exhibition.

David Richards, Sales and Marketing Manager at Orbital Fabrications stated: “the exhibition was hugely enjoyable and was a great opportunity to demonstrate our latest developments in TIG Welding for the hydrogen sector, as well as to meet so many current and potential customers.”

Orbital Fabrications is an industry specialist in the field of manufacturing high purity stainless steel pipework, manifolds, and control systems for high pressure hydrogen management. We offer a range of support services including comprehensive in-house design, through to test and validation, and in-house helium mass spectrometry for leak detection. High pressure testing to 1000 bar and higher is also available, along with full material certification. For high purity applications, all fabrication, assembly, and testing is conducted within our class 5 and class 6 cleanroom facilities.

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About Orbital Fabrications

Orbital Fabrications has over 30 years’ experience in orbital welding services and is an industry expert in stainless steel TIG welding, Inconel welding and orbital tube welding. Our experienced team can weld tubing to fabricate components for the aerospace, pharmaceutical, chemical and oil & gas industries. We are committed to continuous investment in specialist equipment enabling us to manufacture high quality modules and complete system builds using stainless steel and high nickel alloys for one off fabrication, prototyping, and batch work through to continuous manufacturing OEM volume production.

Our engineering know-how and advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet the ever changing demands of the sectors we supply. Whether it’s a full turnkey project solution, or a one-off fabrication, Orbital can assist. Our bespoke solutions for the handling of high-pressure hydrogen for hydrogen fuel solutions sets us apart from our competition. Our expertise in manufacturing custom gas delivery systems is perfectly suited to address the technical demands of managing high pressure hydrogen, safely and securely.

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