Orbital Fabrications Ltd is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the specialist vacuum lines and gas delivery system for the University of Leeds Nanotechnology Cleanroom, providing the installation hook-up, and commissioning the inert, toxic, flammable, and pyrophoric gases required for several new semiconductor tools.

The Nanotechnology Cleanroom boasts a plethora of fabrication capabilities, encompassing contact and non-contact metrology, dry etch and deposition, Photo- and electron beam- lithography, wafer and device bonding , physical and chemical vapour deposition, and annealing capabilities, in addition to test, packaging and post-processing.

The Sir William Henry Bragg Building is a brand-new addition to the University of Leeds campus. Launched in 2022 following a £96m development, the venue is home to the University’s Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, and a world-leading centre of innovation in its field. The seven-storey building is a tribute to Sir William Henry Bragg, a Nobel Prize winning researcher and former professor at the University of Leeds.

The facility will include first-class laboratory and specialised teaching spaces, enabling cutting-edge research, and outstanding student experience, whilst enhancing the University’s research power and strengthening collaboration with industry.

As always, we will strive to deliver safe, reliable, and clean ultra-high purity (UHP) gas handling systems to our client. We will work closely with the University and look forward to successful completion.

Congratulations to all those involved on the project.

About Orbital Fabrications

Orbital Fabrications has over 30 years’ experience in orbital welding services and is an industry expert in stainless steel TIG welding, Inconel welding and orbital tube welding. We have one of the best equipped workshops, cleanrooms, and machine shops in the country, and our engineers are trained to work to the highest cleanroom standards and adhere to the strictest codes of practice which the industry demands.

Our experienced team can weld tubing to fabricate components for the aerospace, pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries. We are committed to continuous investment in specialist equipment that enables us to manufacture high quality modules and complete system builds using stainless steel and high nickel alloys for one off fabrication, prototyping, and batch work through to continuous manufacturing volume production. Our engineering know-how and advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet the ever-changing demands of the sectors we supply.