Orbital Fabrications provides expert on-site installation services for the semiconductor, chemical, energy and process industries. Additionally, we can provide on-site pipework installation services to the pharmaceutical/life sciences industry to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, and our teams are experienced and fully equipped to work in cleanroom environments.

The CHAS accredited teams at Orbital Fabrications are specialists in on-site installation of stainless-steel high purity pipework, predominantly using orbital welding on pipework from ¼” OD to 4” OD, ensuring maximum integrity. Additionally, we install coaxial/dual containment lines for highly hazardous gases, and fully test all installations, providing comprehensive client documentation packages including weld logs, weld maps and any 3.1 material certificates. Along with standard leak test validation, additional weld NDT such as radiography can be completed on site when required. This is typically appropriate for installations which will be handling hazardous materials such as ASME Class M materials. The results are included as part of the client document package.

Our engineering department can offer a comprehensive technical service, enabled by our extensive manufacturing and installation experience. Our additional services include designing the final product to your P&ID conceptual design, rigorous feasibility studies, and value engineering. The installations team can install the required pipework on site, alongside any mounting and support infrastructure required. Further, we can provide sample qualification welds at the start of each shift, or when a change in tube diameter is made.

Orbital Fabrications has over 30 years’ experience in orbital welding services and is an industry expert in on-site pipework installation services and orbital tube welding. Our experienced team can weld tubing to fabricate components for the semiconductor, aerospace, pharmaceutical, chemical, and oil & gas industries. We are committed to continuous investment in specialist equipment that enables us to manufacture high quality modules and complete system builds using stainless steel and high nickel alloys.  Our engineering know-how and advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet the ever-changing demands of the sectors we supply. Whether it’s a full turnkey project solution, or a one-off fabrication, Orbital can assist.

Our expert capabilities of performing on-site installations of high purity stainless steel pipework required for the semiconductor and chemical process industries make Orbital Fabrications your number one choice.

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