In recent years there has been increasing investment into the research and development of the use of Hydrogen as a possible future alternative energy source due to its reliability and renewable properties. Many experts are of the opinion that the use of Hydrogen as an energy source would be highly beneficial in reducing carbon footprint. Orbital Fabrications prioritises research and development and we are always looking to incorporate new, modern alternatives into our service range.

How Hydrogen Is Used to Generate Energy

Energy is created in a Fuel Cell. Fuel Cells are similar to batteries in that they convert chemical energy into electric energy. This electric energy is a result of combining Hydrogen with Oxygen, forming water. Hydrogen acts as a fuel during this process, electrons are released which will then travel as an electrical current. Fuel Cells can provide power from low watt to megawatt; therefore, this energy solution has massive potential to benefit many industries on a global scale.

The main benefit of using Hydrogen Fuel is the fact that this alternative energy has zero carbon footprint, both the power and the water are renewable, and it can provide energy storage for renewable power.

Contemporary Uses of Fuel Cells

Arguably the most famous development of Fuel Cell technology of recent years has been in the automobile industry, namely, electric vehicles. These vehicles claim to produce zero emissions, have similar fuel filling time as fuel equivalents and offer a similar driving distance.

How Orbital Can Help

Orbital Fabrications has the in-house skills and expertise to manufacture Hydrogen control systems, associated pipework, or complete skid systems. We offer full turn-key solutions, assisting with design and providing full documentation packages with traceability on materials, weld maps and test certificates. We also have the capability to weld with qualified coded welders.

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Orbital Fabrications, based in Cambridge, is a market leader in orbital welding, specialist welding, and assembly of gas and fluid handling systems.  Established in 1988, Orbital Fabrications has offers specialised orbital welding and high-tech fabrication to a variety of clients within the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Chemical and Allied industries.

Orbital Fabrications has more to offer than just welding. As well as computerised orbital welding, micro-TIG welding and manual welding, we also offer an assembly service both within our controlled workshop environment and within our cleanroom. Our state-of-the-art facilities also boast a CNC machining facility. All our services are supported by our testing and inspection procedures.

We specialise in the design and build of point of use gas cabinets, change-over panels, and electro-mechanical control units. We also fabricate high-quality vacuum exhaust systems and have developed equipment for exhaust gas filtration prior to its release to the atmosphere.