High Pressure Hydrogen Solutions from Orbital Fabrications

The recent government report by UK Hydrogen Champion, Jane Toogood, sets out a series of recommendations to government and industry that aim to accelerate the development of the nation’s hydrogen economy. The full report can be accessed on the link below.


The following Industry recommendations were made –

1: Industry should work closely with government in dedicated work groups to help resolve problems and gaps in resource.

2: Industry and trade associations should work together to evaluate the scale of the economic opportunity of hydrogen, to ensure this is not underestimated.

3: Industry should work closely with government to identify UK strengths and formulate a wider supply chain.

4: An industry supported delivery workstream on skills is required both to join up industry, government and academia and to ensure that near and long-term skill needs are met within the supply chain strategy.


High Pressure Hydrogen Solutions from Orbital

Orbital Fabrications has the expertise in manufacturing customer gas handling systems. We are perfectly suited to address the technical demands of managing high pressure hydrogen, safely and securely, to be used as a fuel source. When working with pressures of 700 bar and above, it is vital that your hydrogen handling solution is manufactured, tested, and fully certified to ensure safe and trouble-free deployment in the field.

Once your system is manufactured, the Orbital Fabrications’ validation process includes full system leak test utilising helium mass spectrometers that provide extremely sensitive leak detection rates, down to ppm levels. We also validate your entire system way above the normal operating pressure; with the capability to pressure test to over 1000 bar where the application makes this appropriate.

Orbital is an industry specialist in the field of providing high purity stainless steel process pipework services, manifolds, and control systems for high pressure hydrogen management, thus Orbital is well equipped to handle the increased global demand for alternative energy, specifically hydrogen. Our experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing bespoke hydrogen systems is perfectly suited to address the technical demands of managing high pressure hydrogen, safely and securely. High pressure testing to 1000 bar and higher is also available, along with full 3.1 material certification. For high purity applications, all fabrication, assembly, and testing is conducted within our class 5 and class 6 cleanroom facilities. Additionally, Orbital Fabrications’ autogenous TIG welding process fully penetrates the thick-walled tubing necessary for carrying high pressure hydrogen, providing a clean secure joint that’s immune to vibration and ambient thermal changes. Our support services include comprehensive in-house design, through to test and validation, including in-house helium mass spectrometry for leak detection. Orbital’s experience within the nuclear, oil and gas, and hydrogen industries ensures that we completely understand the documentation requirements to support and validate your high-pressure hydrogen handling systems.

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