Armfield is the world leader in the supply of innovative education equipment and industrial research & development equipment for food, pharmaceutical and industrial labs.

Their equipment allows users to educate, test and research in innovative ways that fit their individual needs, while at the same time providing cost-effective, reliable and user-friendly products.

With focus on delivering meaningful innovation and content, Armfield serve multiple markets throughout the world in the areas of universities and industrial processing, leading in fluid dynamics, chemical, civil, mechanical engineering, food and pharmaceutical processing.

Orbital Fabrications fabricate an ever-expanding range of components for Armfield, ranging from single unit prototypes through to higher volumes for established products. Orbital boasts a comprehensive in-house machine shop, equipped with CNC lathes, mills and second op machines. This enables us to accurately manufacture base stainless steel components, ready for the next stage of fabrication. Our in-house capabilities ultimately save the customer time and money.

Moving on to fabrication, the highly qualified team of manual welders fabricate the parts to the final assemblies. The quality and finish of the welding is critical; aesthetically it needs to look great, and from a process perspective, a full penetration weld is vital to ensure no entrapment areas exist within the assemblies.
Once welded, the welds are chemically cleaned to remove any residual oxidation followed by a rigorous cleaning and drying process.

Once complete, Orbital Fabrications utilise helium mass spectrometers to leak test every weld, joint and sealing face, on every assembly. The small molecular size of helium, coupled with its chemical inertness makes it an ideal test gas. Helium mass spectrometry enables detection leak rates down to 1 x 10-9 mbar ls-1, an incredibly high standard of leak integrity, orders of magnitude higher than conventional pressure drop testing.

• In house CNC machine shop for parts manufacturing
• Developed weld procedures for full penetration welds, ideal for food and beverage applications
• Helium mass spectrometry leak detection qualifying the highest level of seal integrity