How Hydrogen Fuel Systems can help the UK achieve net zero

A recent report published by the UK Government has outlined how it intends to prioritise investment in hydrogen fuel system infrastructure, in order to help the UK achieve its net zero goals. The report outlines why, due to the UK’s geography and geology, as well as its high number of expert workers, it is particularly well suited to become a world leader in adapting a hydrogen economy.

As part of the UK’s commitment to make hydrogen a key part of its net zero emissions target, a new policy framework has been produced in order to demonstrate how utilising hydrogen will work, including a new ‘Net Zero Hydrogen Fund’,  a ‘Production Business Model’, and a ‘Low Carbon Hydrogen Standard’, which will support businesses who work on the deployment of hydrogen green energy solutions, as well as ensure long-term support and market access. This critical investment will help the UK reach the targets it committed to under the Climate Change Act.

The report also indicates that the UK government has doubled its previous goal to up to 10GW of low carbon hydrogen production by 2030, specifying that at least 50% of this hydrogen should be in the form of electrolytic hydrogen. The government has stated that “increasing our production ambition could mobilise over £11 billion of private investment and support over 12,000 jobs by 2030, ensuring that we have reliable, secure energy.”


Orbital Fabrications is the number one choice for Hydrogen Fuel Systems

The team at Orbital Fabrications is perfectly suited to address the technical demands of managing high pressure hydrogen in a safe and secure manner, especially for use in hydrogen fuel systems. We have designed and manufactured a range of gas handling systems for customers in the hydrogen market. When working with pressures of 700 bar and above, it is vital that your hydrogen handling solution is manufactured, tested, and fully certified to ensure safe and trouble-free deployment in the field.

Once your hydrogen fuel system is manufactured, the Orbital Fabrications’ validation process includes full system leak test utilising helium mass spectrometers that provide extremely sensitive leak detection rates, down to ppm levels. We also validate your entire hydrogen fuel system in excess of the normal operating pressure, with the capability to pressure test to over 1000 bar where the application makes this appropriate. Our testing and validation processes all ensure the entire hydrogen fuel system is certified as safe for use in the field.


About Orbital Fabrications

Orbital Fabrications has over 30 years’ experience in orbital welding services and is an industry expert in stainless steel TIG welding, Inconel welding and orbital tube welding. Our experienced team can weld tubing to fabricate components for the aerospace, pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries. We are committed to continuous investment in specialist equipment that enables us to manufacture high quality modules and complete system builds using stainless steel and high nickel alloys for one off fabrication, prototyping, and batch work through to continuous manufacturing volume production. Our engineering know-how and advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to meet the ever-changing demands of the sectors we supply.