Stainless Steel High Purity Gas Delivery Solutions

Stainless Steel High Purity Gas Delivery Solutions

Stainless Steel High Purity Gas Delivery Solutions

Gas Delivery Systems


Are you looking for full turnkey project solutions, whether it’s a one-off fabrication, prototyping of bespoke and unique systems or repeatable fabrications? Orbital Fabrications understand how to design stainless steel high purity gas delivery systems; providing safe solutions for gas delivery such as flammables, corrosives, poisons or inserts to the tools at the pressure and flow rates needed to maximise productivity and control tests in the safest possible way.


Our gas delivery systems are designed for any volume of gas and engineered for a variety of applications. The benefits mean you could:

  • Gain a significant reduction in costs
  • Increase and improve productivity & yield
  • Increase safety

Our gas delivery systems come in a few different types: single manually operated, semi-automatic switchover, and fully automatic programmable switchover system. Our flexible approach and wide range of industry experience means we are not limited only to industries such as semiconductor fabrications, but we also offer solutions for the energy, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing sectors.

Orbital helped to design, build and install a stainless-steel specialist gas delivery system for a high-profile semiconductor wafer fabrication plant.

From P&IDs Orbital were charged with designing and installing a complete Gas Handling system capable of delivering the special gases required to feed 20 semiconductor tools.

The system was required to run 24/7 and therefore we were required to design a system to allow maintenance to be undertaken whilst still working.

Automatic Gas Shut-off boxes were designed capable of holding internal pressure and an additional Double Safety Panel was designed and installed for each tool as an additional safety feature.

The UK plant now has successful wafer production of a quality not previously experienced.

Gas Delivery Systems

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