Process Pipe Design

Process Pipe Design

Many industries rely on well designed, well manufactured process pipework systems to transport fluids and gasses in complex processes. Due to the importance of effective pipework systems, design engineers use a variety of software and design packages to create custom solutions for a range of industry facilities. Designs need to be cost-effective but also meet the requirements and specifications of the client, with the final pipework system adhering to industry regulations and safety guidelines. Designers work with qualified fabricators and installers, carefully selecting materials to provide optimum system performance.

The overall design process can be segmented into three sections; the conceptual design phase, the design study phase and the detailed design phase. During the conceptual design phase, the client will explain the requirements of the systems, working with the design engineers to generate initial sketches or a process flow diagram to help define the project scope. Plot plan can also be developed which include boundary limits using specific special coordinates, this also helps map out where large industrial equipment will be located. The design study takes the plot plan and expands on the design, adding vessel supports and ancillaries and beginning to route major lines. This helps produce the Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), lists the bill of materials and quantities required including piping, fittings, instrumentation and control valves that may also be required.

The P&ID consists of detailed drawings of equipment and is used to bridge the gap in-between the design and engineering teams. The final plot plan of the P&ID is then approved by a number of disciplines including safety and loss control. During the detailed design phase, the plot plan and P&ID are used to create 3D electronic models, typically using CAD software. At the end of this phase an Issued-For-Design (IFD) is created, this includes the pipe stress analysis, the code compliance and the piping material specifications.

Orbital Fabrications is a leader in engineering design, delivering a number of process pipework and fluid systems to a variety of industries including the semiconductor, aerospace, biopharma, medical, automotive, energy and research & design sectors. The design team uses the SolidWorks 3D CAD package to offer an unbeatable design service. The experienced design team at Orbital Fabrications are able to offer product design from P&ID, conceptual design, feasibility studies, value engineering for existing products and product configuration and modularisation. In addition to design services, Orbital Fabrications offer a manufacturing and site installation service to provide a complete package.

In addition to design services, Orbital Fabrications is a market leader in fabrication and welding services. Based in Cambridge, Orbital Fabrications specialise in orbital welding, manual welding and other specialist welding services. Recent expansions to their facilities allows Orbital Fabrications to also provide machining services, helium leak testing and turnkey design as well as Class 6 and Class 5 cleanroom facilities.

Celebrating 30 years of business, Orbital Fabrications continues to invest in staff and equipment to offer world leading engineering services.

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