Orbital Welding

At Orbital Fabrications we operate a policy of continued investment in equipment and training. This ensures that our team of highly skilled orbital welders continues to meet our high-quality demands.

Our services surrounding orbital welding include:

  • Orbital welding within an enclosed head from 1/16″ to 6″ (and metric equivalents)
  • Orbital welding on a turntable to 10″
  • Orbital welding of materials with wall thickness from 0.1mm to 3mm
  • Orbital welding of high purity and integrity with fully penetrated welds, suitable for both the semiconductor and biopharm industries
  • Orbital welding which offers complete repeatability after initial parameters are set and material variances have been taken into consideration
  • Orbital welding plant which is easily transportable and can be used at a client’s premises as well as in our high-tech workshop
  • Orbital weld heads being small and compact can access welds at high level and within restricted areas
  • Orbital welding power sources which can be operated remotely with a pendant
  • Orbital welding of stainless steel, Fecralloy, Inconel, Hastlelloy and many other special metals
  • Orbital Fabrications are accredited to the BS EN ISO 15614-1:2004+A2:2012 and ASME-IX welding standards

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Orbital Fabrications - Established in 1988