Installation of Gas & Fluid Handling Systems

Orbital Fabrications is a leading designer, producer and installer of gas and fluid handling equipment and systems for the semiconductor, biopharm, medical, laboratory, chemical and allied industries. Working at your premises we are able to perform specialist pipework installations either as a welded systems or as a mechanical installation employing compression fittings such as the Swagelok twin ferrule system. We offer a full installation service from the commissioning of our panels and cabinets to a complete turnkey solution.

Our on-site engineers are extensively trained and report to our site managers who oversee each project. Where possible, we will provide a fully equipped portable workshop and material store whilst on site. This helps maintain the high standards on which our reputation has been built and causes you minimum disruption and inconvenience. All our sites are also fully supported by our well-equipped workshop based at our headquarters in St.Ives, Cambridgeshire.

Our skilled installation teams are available to meet your requirements, however stringent. They have extensive experience with installations in the general range of ¼” (6mm) to 4″ (100mm) tubing in standard high purity, ultra high purity and electro-polished finishes to our own, as well as your designs. As well as this, they are also familiar with dual containment systems suitable for toxic, flammable and pyrophoric gases.

Once installation is complete, we will provide a full documentation package containing leak and pressure test certificates, material certificates, welder qualifications and weld map drawings, so you can be assured that all work carried out by us is of a remarkably high standard.

Fluid Handling System

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