Helium Leak Testing

Before delivery to you, all of our assemblies can be tested for integrity.

For ultra-high purity and vacuum application, one of our three mass-spec helium leak checkers could be employed, where leak rates down to a level of 5 x 10-10 mbarl/sec can be detected. When resistance to positive pressure is a concern, we subject our assemblies to stringent pressure testing, either in the form of a snoop test or a pressure drop test. Assemblies can be tested safely within our test facility to bottle pressure and beyond.

As well as offering this service for our own welded assemblies, we also offer a helium leak testing service whereby we check your assemblies on your behalf. We also offer helium leak testing and pressure testing for our installations or for your existing installations on your premises.

Over the years, we have developed a working relationship with independent inspection and testing organisations who undertake radiography and other non-destructive testing on our behalf, ensuring compliance with the various recognised specifications. You can be assured that all our engineers are fully trained to implement testing to these high standards.

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