Cleanroom Services

Orbital Fabrications’ policy of continual investment has seen a steady improvement in our facilities year on year. We now have one of the best equipped workshops, cleanrooms and machine shops in the country.

Our facilities include four Class 1000 cleanroom workstations and an additional workstation specified to Class 100 cleanroom standards for work that requires the highest levels of cleanliness. We can accommodate simple one off weld assemblies to complete gas and fluid handling systems.

Upon completion each product is individually bagged and sealed, ensuring that it reaches you in the same environment as it leaves our cleanroom.

All our engineers are trained to work to the highest clean room standards and adhere to the strictest codes of practice which industry demands.

Our Cleanroom service:

  • Welding, assembly and manufacture with a calibrated and controlled environment
  • Leak testing within the same environment, ensuring no compromise of the product
  • Component packing and assembly
  • Quality inspection

Benefits of working with us:

  • We work in close partnership with you
  • We provide a customised service to suit your needs
  • Our flexible manufacturing methods enable us to complete small one-off jobs as well as larger volume runs
  • Our highly skilled and experienced team are committed to providing the best results possible
  • We provide high quality cleanroom services at a competitive rate.

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Orbital Fabrications - Established in 1988