Choosing an Orbital Welding Specialist

Choosing an Orbital Welding Specialist

Orbital Welding derives its name from the process of clamping tubes and pipes in a stationary position with the electrode rotating around the joint in an arc; this specific action is reminiscent of a planet in orbit that rotates 360 degrees around a stationary piece of metal.

This type of welding utilizes the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) process to create each weld, which results in an extremely clean, concise and consistent weld bead. Metals that can be bonded include nickel alloy, titanium, and steel.

Orbital Welding has become a process readily adapted by many industries, including the following:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nuclear
  • Semiconductor
  • Offshore

Due to the nature of the above industries, the process of Orbital Welding needs to be undertaken by highly skilled, experienced welders to ensure accuracy and precision.  For over 3 decades, Orbital Fabrications has pioneered in the development of stainless-steel welding and high-tech fabrication to solve the challenges faced by many industries including Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, and Pharmaceutical.  

Through its innovation and dedication to quality, Orbital Fabrications has become a recognised leader in specialist Orbital Welding serving many Hi-Tech industries. It offers full system builds and a turnkey solution – throughout the UK. 

Within its purpose-built, technologically advanced facilities in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire it houses some of the nation’s best-equipped workshops including a cleanroom and machine shop. Its highly skilled team provides comprehensive in-house orbital and micro TIG welding plus on-site installation services.

Through continuous efforts to improve quality and service, and with the development of its personnel, it is a company who can find a solution to any stainless-steel challenge.  

Offering World Class Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions for over 30 years, we truly are a company you can reply on. 

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